Revised duration of Award of Accreditation for UG Engineering Programs

NBA has revised the duration of award of accreditation, i.e., 3 years of provisional accreditation and 6 years for full accreditation in place of present 2 years provisional accreditation and 5 years for full accreditation. The revised duration would be applicable for all the programs being considered for accreditation under outcome based format. Accordingly, the cases for accreditation have been identified under the following categories:

Sr. No.Category of CasesProcess
1.The visits have already taken place in the old format of TIER I and TIER II.Accreditation shall be granted for either 2 years provisionally or 6 years for full accreditation while taking accreditation decision. 2 year provisional accreditation can be extended to 3 years provisional accreditation subject to the condition that the program meets the minimum pre-visit qualifiers.
2.The cases whose accreditation has expired on 31-12-2015 / 30-06-2016.Extension of accreditation by one more year will be given subject to the condition that the program fulfills the Pre-visit qualifiers. If it does not qualify, NBA may consider not to accord further accreditation. In case, no response is received from such institutions, they may be given 20 days time to immediately deposit 10% of fee+10 % of penalty and submission of Pre-visit qualifiers simultaneously.
3.The cases where the accreditation has not expired so far.Provisional Accreditation: 2 to 3 years
The pre-visit qualifiers report will be sought and further extension of 1 year will be accorded subject to fulfilling the essential qualifier.
Full Accreditation: 5 to 6 years
All programmes which have been accorded accreditation of 5 years under TIER I and TIER II will be accorded accreditation of 1 more year i.e., 6 years subject to the condition that they meet the minimum qualifier of the pre-visit qualifiers.
4.The cases where the proposals are pending in the old format of TIER I and TIER II.All such institutions whose programs are under consideration will be asked to fill the pre-visit qualifiers before the visit is undertaken.
If the program fails to qualify, an option to withdraw will be given. The application fee (100 % fee) will be refunded back to the institution (OR) given an opportunity to fulfil the minimum qualifiers within a period of 3 months failing which their application may be treated as withdrawn. The application fee (90% fee) will be refunded back to the institution.