Programmes Accredited by NBA

NBA accredits programmes and not Institutions/departments. NBA accredits programmes of following disciplines at Diploma, Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) levels.

1Engineering & Technology
4Architecture, Applied Arts and Crafts
5Computer Applications
6Hospitality and Tourism Management

In view of a very large system of technical education in the country, the NBA operates a two-tier system of accreditation for al the programmes under its purview. The TIER-I system has been designed for the technical programmes offered by autonomous institutions and university departments better, while the TIER-II system is fine-tuned for the needs of the non-autonomous institutions affiliated to a university.

In both TIER-I and TIER-II systems, the same set of criteria have been considered for accreditation. In the TIER-I system, the criteria which are based on outcome parameters have been given more weightage, whereas in the TIER-II system, the weightage has been reduced, thereby, enhancing the weightage of the output-based criteria. However, a non-autonomous institution may also apply for accreditation on the basis of TIER-I system, if they feel that their curriculum is capable of attaining the desired outcomes of a programme.

How to achieve NBA’s programme accreditation?:

NBA has Outcome Based process of accreditation. This process focuses on the predefined outcomes that by and large, signify knowledge, skills and capabilities expected from a graduate on successful completion of a program and also on the continuous improvement in attainment of outcomes vis-à-vis predefined outcomes and their relevance to Mission and Vision of the institution and Educational Objectives of the programme.

NBA’s process for accreditation seeks applications from institutions for accreditation of their programmes in a block year starting from 1st April to 31st March of the subsequent year. The applications so received are processed and result being declared in the next block year.

Following are the basic steps of NBA accreditation process:

  1. Enquiry and Submission of Application;
  2. Preliminary Interaction and Eligibility
  3. Submission of Self Assessment Report
  4. Evaluation Team (ET) Visit
  5. Final Accreditation Report
  6. Follow-up Action
  7. Application for Re-accreditation