Committees of NBA

The NBA, in addition to the Executive Committee, has the following Committees:

  1. Finance Committee;
  2. Academic Advisory Committee;
  3. Accreditation and/ or Assessment Committees and their Sub-Committees in different disciplines; and
  4. Any other Committee as may be deemed fit by the Executive Committee.

i) Finance Committee:

  • The Finance Committee of the NBA consists of the following members:
    1. Chairperson of the Executive Committee as the Chairperson of the Finance Committee.
    2. Member Secretary, AICTE or his/ her Nominee -ex-officio
    3. Financial Advisor, AICTE or his/ her Nominee -ex-officio
    4. Member Secretary, NBA
    5. One member of General Council, nominated by the President of NBA.
    6. One member of the Executive Committee, nominated by the Chairperson, Executive Committee.
    7. An external member nominated by the Chairman, AICTE.
    8. An Administrative Officer of NBA, nominated by the Member Secretary, NBA, as non-member Secretary.

The Finance Committee meets at least thrice in a year. It makes recommendations to the Executive Committee on;

  1. Budget proposals of the NBA;
  2. Scrutiny of the Audited Accounts and reply to the Annual Audit Report ;
  3. Creation of post[s] ; and
  4. Any other matter on which the Executive Committee seeks its recommendations.

The recommendations contained in the minutes of the Finance Committee are considered and approved by the Chairman, Finance Committee.

ii) Academic Advisory Committee:

  • The Academic Advisory Committee of NBA monitor and promote the activities of NBA with reference to its various activites like assessment, accreditation, publications, selection and shaping of instruments for Assessment and Accreditation, modalities of operation in- charge, the Rules, Regulation and Guidelines.

    The Chairperson of the Executive Committee is also the Chairperson of the Academic Advisory Committee. The Member Secretary of the NBA is ex-officio member of the Academic Advisory Committee.

iii) Sub-Committees:

  • Sub-Committee on each discipline, such as Engineering, Management, Pharmacy and Architecture etc. functions separately to evolve standard for Assessment and Accreditation, in their respective field, to form assessors panels, to lay down guidelines for assessors, to evaluate and give recommendations on assessors report, etc. These Sub-Committees meet frequently in a month or once in two months, as required.

  • Any other functions, duties, to be assigned by the General Council / Executive Committee.