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About Wosa


The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) is organizing WOSA 2014, the second in WOSA series of biennial conferences, during 8th-10th March, 2014 in New Delhi, India. The focus of WOSA 2014 will be on the ‘International Recognition of Educational Qualifications’- a theme that is of great significance globally in the context of trade and technical services world-wide. The conference will facilitate free discussion on the means and mechanisms of enabling and promoting mobility of students and working professionals, parameters and criteria for accreditation, concerns and plans for assurance of quality world-wide, the educational framework in various countries, and mutual recognition of academic qualifications. The discussion and global participation in WOSA 2014 will bring about new ideas and establish trends, identify opportunities and challenges in professional education world-wide.

WOSA 2014 offers innumerable sponsorship/ partnership and advertising opportunities to the organizations aspiring to join hands with NBA in the upcoming international event, second in the series of international deliberations on identifying and establishing a common benchmark for quality in technical/professional education.

The Organizer
The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) is an independent autonomous body engaged in quality assurance of technical education in India through accreditation. NBA’s mission includes facilitating quality improvement and relevance of technical education in the national context. NBA cooperates with accreditation agencies across the world to promote quality and raise the standards in quality assessment practices by harmonizing the parameters and criteria for quality assurance. This will benefit trans-border movement of students for pursuing higher education and professionals seeking to enhance their careers.

In 2012, NBA organized the first World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA 2012), focused around the theme, ‘Achieving Excellence through Accreditation’. Participation in WOSA 2012 was overwhelming, with more than 800 participants from India and abroad. Appreciated and welcomed by academicians, industry and policy makers world-wide, WOSA 2012 was the beginning of a series of international deliberations on identifying and establishing a common benchmark for quality.

In this era of globalization and world trade, an unprecedented migration of students and collaboration among professionals across borders is taking place. This has been enabled by rapid changes in technology that is now challenging the conventional pedagogical approaches and curricula. There is need for accreditation processes to keep pace with changes in higher education and in fact become an agent of change. Several factors hinder the global employability of professionals. For instance, deep-rooted and highly contextual differences in educational framework of countries continue to be major impediments in credentialing engineers and management professionals. If the educational frameworks of different countries contain pre-defined set of internationally expected outcomes, then, it may form the basis of harmonizing the various educational systems.

Participation in summit
Thought leaders from different parts of the world will assemble in New Delhi for exchanging their views on the issues surrounding “International Recognition of Educational Qualifications” on the platform of WOSA 2014. Invitees include senior academicians from public and private universities from India and abroad, leading members of the industry world-wide, policy makers and legislators and representatives of professional bodies and accreditation agencies.

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